What is AS 9100 in Configuration Management?

The expansion of AS 9100 standard from the ISO 9001:2000 was done to meet the needs of the different industries. There are courses offered to review the AS 9100, all its articles how it is related to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. The goal of the course is to have a better understanding of all the philosophies conforming to the said standard. It gives a review on the terminologies that are applicable for documentation and to make an emphasis on some topics like Configuration Management, inspection of the articles, giving service to the customers, evaluation of all the risks, systems that are process based, and other techniques for the deeper understanding of the standard. The course is designed to give a deeper understanding of the requirements for the system of Configuration Management based on the standard. It includes activities to promote a learning environment while giving some approaches that are practical for gaining knowledge regarding the standard. 

The course is not certified, meaning, there is no certification given to the participants. It is open for organizations that are implementing and using the AS 9100 for the very first time. Managers and supervisors of different organizations are also encouraged to attend. Staffs and the critical employees of the organization who must have an understanding and the standard must attend to gain additional knowledge of the subject. The course is also open for individuals who are involved in developing, inspecting, implementing, maintaining, and managing different organizations. Please feel free to attend these kinds of program

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