What is BPM SOA BAM BPEL web services


It is a
daunting task to keep up with the changes taking place in technology-based
sector. The advent of service oriented architecture and Web services makes this
‘keeping up’ even more important because these technologies are changing the
way the internal systems are built, especially those that support the
organization and the interaction of the internal and external system.


service is a tactical implementation of SOA or service oriented architecture.
It bridges the difference between IT and businesses through a set of
business-aligned services. This is done with the use of a special set of
patterns, design principals and techniques. World Wide Web Consortium has
defined web services as a software system that is designed to support the
interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. Web service is a
set of tools that can be used in a number of ways. REST, SOA and RPC are the
most common methods of use.


Service oriented architecture
involves the organization, discovery and description of services that enable a
company to select, bind and implement a service over the Internet. SOA is
different from the service-based architectures that focus on protocols and
formats. Service based architecture is a part of SOA. The advantages of
implementing SOA include increase in the application and development enabling
you to align your business with the IT sector, more effectively. This can be
implemented by using the CORBA, MQ series and Remote Procedure Call or RPC
technology. However, the web service is rapidly becoming a set standard used to
support service-oriented architecture.




to the rapid pace of technological development, it has become very difficult to
remember the names of various technologies, especially when their names are
mere abbreviations such as BPM, SOA, BAM, and BPEL web services. If you have
heard these abbreviations before but are not sure about what they stand for,
then you certainly need to brush up your general knowledge. You need to know
that BPM (Business Process Monitoring), BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), and
BPEL web services (Business Process Execution Language) are the names of
technologies that are closely related to SOA (Services Oriented Architecture).
These technologies are so closely related to SOA, that sometimes their names
are used interchangeably to represent SOA. Although most of these technologies
are implemented along with SOA, and form a part of the overall


framework in an organization, the reality is that they are quite distinct from
each other. However, since these technologies compliment each other, they are
used together to achieve a common aim, i.e. enabling interaction and
communication between various IT systems, based on different technological
platforms. While earlier business organizations had to maintain a large team of
IT professionals to solve problems related to the organization’s IT framework,
with the development of technologies such as BPM, BAM, BPEL web services and
SOA, the problems are solved automatically without requiring outside help. This
shows the effectiveness of such technologies.






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