What Is Business Enterprise Architecture?

Well, every business always aims to optimize income. In its effort to do so many large companies resort to the use of enterprise architecture. Enterprise architecture is done in the aim of strategizing how a company can achieve its goals and making sure that such strategies are in alignment with the business  IT system and investment .  It starts with a description of what its aims are and how they want to do to get it. Knowing what they want to accomplish, a company then would have to examine where they are in terms of its processes, its employees, its financial status and its current IT system.

Consequently, the process involves formulation of a detailed framework of the evolution the company is going to undertake. From the comprehensive analysis of its present state, it will describe where it should be in a short term point of analysis and then where it should be at the end of the time line. All of these are aided with graphical representations. This is where IT comes in. It would be responsible for accumulating data and keeping it updated. This is very important so that analysis is always accurate and realignment can be done when things are not going in the right direction.

All in all, the aim of enterprise architecture is to really plan ahead and design plans and processes that will point them to the accomplishment of company goals and targets. It examines its present state and strategies and its IT capabilities. It checks whether future policy and procedures and IT are in tune. It s truly IT dependent much of the way. Information accuracy is vital. And so, the company s IT system should always be upgraded and even replaced when necessary.


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