What Is CompTIA CDIA+ Certification

CompTIA Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+) is ideally meant for IT professionals who have the skills and knowledge in document imaging solutions. This certification is vendor neutral and demonstrates expertise in technologies and supports in planning, specifying and designing document imaging system.

The CompTIA CDIA + certification is considered to be a great way to assess imaging industry professionals. Companies such as IBM, Konica, Hyland Software, Canon, Fujitsu, Ricoh, Kyocera, Bowe, Bell & Howell, Sharp, and Panasonic, have supported CompTIA CDIA+ certifications. This examination was developed and created by experts in imaging systems distributors, vendor and several other consulting agencies in IT. And to be able to have a program that is applicable to the whole IT industry, the CompTIA CDIA+ exam questions were written by imaging solutions experts.

CompTIA CDIA+ was established in 1995. The exam revisions were made last 2002. At present there are about 7,000 certified IT professionals that initially gained this recognition and this number of certified professionals is increasing year after year. The CompTIA CDIA+ certification program was commenced with the help and financial support of several IT experts and leaders in the industry.

You can get a hold of this certification by taking CompTIA CDIA+ examination. But before you do that, it is recommended that you take the necessary trainings to equip and prepare you during the test. There are several study guides and practice tests online that can aid you in passing the CompTIA CDIA+ examination. All you need to do is find the latest study guides online and get your certification processing started.

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