What is Curso Cisco CCNA?

Curso is Spanish for Course so the whole term Curso Cisco CCNA stands for the Course in Cisco CCNA taught in Spanish to students aspiring to become proficient in communications, networks and computer science.
The acronym CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, which is one of the Associate Certifications to prove proficiency at the most basic level in usage of Cisco products. Cisco products are designed and manufactured by Cisco Systems, Inc. of San Jose, California in the US.

So why teach it in Spanish? Though Cisco products may be made by an American company, these products are also used by people whose first language may be Spanish and may not be so proficient in English. One training center based in Barcelona limits the class size to just 8 students per class – perhaps to maximize student-to-teacher interaction and optimize learning for the class and its members.

The other Associate certification would be in CCDA or Cisco Certified Design Associate. The difference between CCNA and CCDA is that CCNA is concerned mainly with the choice, connection, configuration, and then troubleshooting of the different networking products under the Cisco series. CCDA certification permits the individual to become proficient in the design of routed or switched networks (like dial services, WANs and LANs.) Cisco Systems itself advices CCDA students to learn CCNA subjects first (though CCNA is not a mandatory requirement to train in CCDA) so that they are familiar with both.

To be fully certified though, it is not enough just to train under a good school. The individual then has to undergo either the sole CCNA test, or the staggered two-exam certification (which involves the ICND and INTRO exams). The latter is said to be more convenient for students who want to devote more time to certain subjects.

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