What is Inside the TOGAF Book?

Organizations who wish to develop enterprise architecture to be used in their organization will find the TOGAF book helpful.  The latest edition of TOGAF book is its 2007 Edition, Version 8.1.1.  This book was based on Version 8.1 with Technical Corrigendum U065 applied.  The latest edition is the result of the successive development of The Open Group Architecture Forum.

The TOGAF book will help organization find answers to their questions about architecture framework and the benefits of using the TOGAF within an organization. The book has 4 main parts and these are:
1. Part 1 of the book is the Introduction. It gives a high level of introduction on some of the key concepts behind enterprise architecture particularly the TOGAF approach.
2. Part 2 of the book is the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM).  This part is the core of TOGAF. It illustrates the step-by-step approach in the development of an  enterprise architecture  ADM
3. Part 3 of the book is the Enterprise Continuum.  It is known as the "virtual repository" of all the architecture assets – models, patterns, architecture descriptions, etc. – that exist within the enterprise and in the IT industry at large, and for which the enterprise believes to be available in the development of architectures. It covers the TOGAF Foundation Architecture, and the Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model (III-RM).
4. Part 4 of the book is the TOGAF Resource Base.  It includes the set of resources – guidelines, templates, background information, etc. – intended to assist the architect in the use of the ADM.
A hard copy of the TOGAF book is available for purchase online or by order form thru fax or regular mail.


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