What is Integrated Enterprise Content Management?

Every organization has demands to meet.  These demands may vary on a certain degree.  However, no matter how much they differ in the level or degree of necessity to meet these demands, the fact remains that these need to be addresses.  One of the more common increasing demands in any company is the need to pay attention on how the volume of documents that needs to be managed increase day by day.  A much better and a lot versatile tool is very much insatiably needed to address such growing issue.  

There are companies that are working expeditiously on how this problem is going to be better addressed.  Microsoft Company for instance is working on its Microsoft Office systems in order to address the growing need for an effective content management in the company.  This latest development in the content management software has brought into conception the Integrated Enterprise Content Management systems. This Integrated Enterprise Content Management bears some strong key points on the following aspects:

a.    Effective workflow.  The Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 is particularly and specifically designed to contain content management that supports workflows allowing for an effective streamlining the review being made on the content and process of approval.
b.    Slide Presentation abilities.  A few software packages being created by Microsoft are capable of handling presentation in a slide form (just like Powerpoint and Sharepoint 2007) making it effectively easy for anyone who wish to create a better and more presentable presentation of the content and the document.

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