What Is IT Governance?

Governance is very important in IT investments, service delivery and change projects.
Application of governance in systems can actually help us in managing and giving
solutions to common IT problems. IT governance is used to explain the different
processes and procedures in decision making and spending money. With IT governance
you will be able to prioritize and defend why you made such investments in your
company. You can now control and budget your finances well.

IT governance is utilized in various aspects in IT change. This is often used in project
management and controlling of portfolio on projects. It makes sure that the processes in
IT change meet the needs of regulatory requirements.  IT governance covers the
deployment of IT staff and organizes the expenses and changes to align with the business
plan. IT governance is a division of Corporate Governance that concentrates on IT
systems, risk management and how they perform. Usually managing IT by board level
directors is passed to IT professionals.

IT governance means that stake holders, board members, finance executives and internal
customers are part of the decision making process. Now the stakeholders, most
commonly the IT department, are not the only one to be blamed for the poor decisions
that may take place. In this way you can get rid of users from complaining that the system
is not working as they have expected. IT governance is an essential tool to effectively
improve your IT system and successfully align your business goals to serve your clients

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