What is JKM?

A publication that provides updated information about Knowledge Management is called the Journal of Knowledge Management or JKM. The JKM is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed newsletter, released quarterly and publishes original research, technical discussions, and case studies by academic, business and government contributors relative to the new interdisciplinary subject of Knowledge Management. It covers areas in information processing, information management, knowledge management, tools, techniques and technologies, knowledge creation and sharing, best practices, policies and guideline.

As a subrcriber of JKM, you are provided with an advance understanding of knowledge management as an organizational core competency. You are able to put knowledge management as a competitive advantage to work. The publication provides information on exploring implementation techniques through case studies presented. There is an avenue to share knowledge by means of debate and exchange of information. You are able to compare your existing knowledge management practices against best practice of other organizations.

Most subscribers of JKM are chief executives,managing directors, chief knowledge officers ,information technology directors and managers, strategic development and planning managers,consultants ,quality managers and directors,human resource managers and directors, intellectual asset managers,benchmarking managers, academics and researchers in the field at universities and business schools and libraries and information centres of organizations.

Articles submitted for publication to the journals is blind-refereed by members of the editorial board or other qualified readers. The Editor has the right to reject an article, which is deemed to have insufficient quality, or where the subject area is irrelevant. The journal publishes work broken into categories as research papers, case studies, viewpoints, conference reports and reviews.

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