What is Management of Metadata?

The technology that we have these days has indeed brought so many positive for the human kind.  However, along with these positive aspects, are the threats to the security and integrity of data and information.  For this reason, users of the technology perceived ways and methods on how they can protect their data from potential hackers and malicious users.  This has brought into the conception of the metadata management software tool or better known as the Metadata Removal Tool and the enhanced metadata management process.

These two instruments that are widely being used are capable of putting a shield that will protect and strategically manage the metadata of the company or the institution. The Metadata Removal Tool is capable of cleaning and putting a document or a piece of a data in a “quarantine” period before it is being sent or accepted to and from the company.  This is a better way to avoid being hacked or infested by malicious software caused by documents being accepted without further checking on it. 

The Metadata management process on the other hand protects the data or the information that goes in and out of the company using the electronic delivery system.  It is a common knowledge to everyone that the electronic superhighway that is used to communicate and transmit data is prone to many potential malicious users.  The metadata management process protects the information by studying how the superhighway channel can trigger potential damage to the data.

Metadata management also allows for the safe-keeping of the information regarding an information in a much protected manner. 

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