What is Module 1 of ECDL?

The European Computer Driving License is a step-by-step learning on how to achieve computer literacy and how to become a potent part of the industrial workforce.  Just like any learning process, be it done on a formal or non-formal setting, it needs to commence on the fundamental stage.  The ECDL was created and designed on a modular basis to be able to make it more adaptive to the specific needs of a learner.  The first module of ECDL was designed to give its users basic and fundamental concepts about Computers and how they affect the society.  Moreover, it deals with what Information Technology is and what it is made of.  Particularly, the module 1 of ECDL encompasses the theories about:

• Software and its specific application from medicine to engineering to science and its limitations and capabilities.
•  The role of hardware and its relevance to the computer system plus the various kinds of hardware and peripheral devices.
• The current trends in the network technology and how each types of network technology can be best applied in accordance with the need of an organization.
• The different ways on how to secure and protect your computer system from possible technological threats – hackers, crackers, fraud attacks and all.

The first module shall require a learner that he has at least a general idea or understanding about the function of a computer system and the impacts and uses of it in the computing world. It also requires an in-depth understanding about the various kinds of software and its specific application.

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