What is Module 2 of ECDL?

As a learner moves into the levels of ECDL, he or she gets the chance to have a deeper understanding about the function of the computer system.  The movement from understanding the general concept that revolves the computing world is necessary.  In module 2, the learner now dwells more on how you are going to operate the computer system in consonance with the specific applications like the operating system.

In this module, the learner should understand the general concepts of an operating system, particularly on the following aspects:

• The features of the operating system in terms of controlling and manipulating the computer system and its peripheral devices.
• The capabilities of an operating system to manage the files and the resources available on the computer system.
• The capacity of the operating system on how to delete, copy, move, and import files, directories, folders, from one computer system to another. The learner should be able to acquire comprehensive skills on how to work with folders and files.
• Explore the other capabilities of the operating system like how to customize the desktop thru the use of the Control Panel.
• Be able to understand how to manage printing documents and files. 

In as far a knowledge requirement is concerned, the learner is expected to have an understanding on how to navigate thru the computer system using the keyboard and the mouse.  A familiarity with other operating system is a plus but not a requirement towards achieving success in achieving knowledge in module 2.

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