What is Module 3 of ECDL?

The module 3 of the ECDL course is going to allow the learner to discover and explore a specific application software that was designed to be functional in the office setting – the word processor. The learner is expected to demonstrate skills in the use of a word processing software like MS Word.

A word processing software is an application software that is powerful in terms of paragraph formatting and document creation.  In specific, the learner should be able to understand and accomplish with ease the fundamental operations that are associated with document creation and how to format it to have a better looking appearance.  Specifically, the following things are expected to be demonstrated with ease by the user:

• Ability to create, format, and manipulate tables.  Table is one feature of a word processor that allows you to easily matrix the information.
• Ability to create a document in columnar form.  A column is a feature of the word processor that allows the user to create a document that looks like a magazine in columns.
• Ability to work on inserting and embedding pictures, graphics, or images.  Insertion of an image or picture is one capability that should be mastered by a user. 
• Ability to work on volumes of documents thru importing and mail merging.  The mail merge is an ability of the word processor to merge several field on a single document. 

The learner in order to gain confidence in learning this module is required to have basic understanding about navigating thru the screen either thru the use of the keyboard or the mouse. 

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