What is Module 4 of ECDL?

The fourth module of the ECDL course is an exploration of another application software that is fundamentally functional in terms of number crunching and formula building – the spreadsheet. 

A spreadsheet is an application software that is specifically designed to ease the burden of a user in solving mathematical equations or any numerical expression that requires formula building.  In particular, the following things are the encapsulated in this module:

• Explore the ability of the spreadsheet in terms of formula building.  Formula building is the main thrust of any spreadsheet. 
• Explore the feature of the spreadsheet towards converting figures into graphical representations or charts.  Graph and chart are two of the distinct features that a spreadsheet has. 
• Explore some formatting features that are also present on a spreadsheet.  Although, a word processor is far more powerful in terms of formatting, the spreadsheet has, but limited features in word formatting. 

The learner of the module is expected to acquire an in-depth knowledge in aspects such ease in manipulating numerical expressions.  In addition to that, the learner should be able to demonstrate skills in managing the spreadsheets files effectively. 

In order to become successful in learning this module of the ECDL course, the learner should have an understanding about the fundamental operations in mathematics and how to apply them in any mathematical expression.  In as far as computer operations is concerned, the skill to navigate and work on the navigational buttons on the keyboard or the ability to hover and use the mouse is required. 

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