What is Network Change Management Exactly?

Network Change Management is a field of discipline wherein an organization attempts to anticipate,
identify and address any potential risks faced by a network which might cause significant changes.
Network Change Management is usually used to refer to changes caused within Information Technology
systems of an organization (hence, the term Network Change Management means handling IT network

It is important to address Network Change Management because of the so-called ripple effect. A
network which undergoes changes has to contend with the side effects or future consequences of changes
in that network. For instance, if the main risk faced by the network is the introduction of a virus into the
network, the future consequences after virus introduction could be the spread or replication of the virus
in the other parts of the network. And the results could be that valuable data is wiped out by such a
fast-replicating malicious program.

To be proficient at Network Change Management, you will have to be well versed in the nitty gritty
operational details of the network itself, so that you know where the chinks in its armor are. This involves
meticulous planning and innovative thinking. Some people tend to go by the numbers a lot so they find it
difficult to come up with new ways of addressing problems – for this kind of people, if it has not been
done this way before, then this way is not the right way to go about anticipating and then solving the
problem. But the problem with that kind of thinking is, that was then and this is now. New solutions have
to be created for the new challenges of the current environment – and that means thinking out of the box.

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