What is Part 1 of ECDL?

Have you recently thought about how obsolete your computer knowledge lately?  Have you been seeing so many new things about the computer industry that you have not seen during your time?  Have you experienced being asked by your son or your friend something about the latest craze in the computing industry that you thought unimaginable to happen but you were too overwhelmed to know that it really does exist?  Well, if you are positive in all questions, then it is about time that you refresh and update your knowledge in computers as yours is really passé and renaissance. You may want to learn the ECDL course and be updated with the current trends in IT and computing world.

Anyone should consider engaging into the ECDL course because it will allow you to understand with confidence the uses of computers in the industrial setting. In addition, the ECDL course was designed under the principle of equipping the learner with computer knowledge skills that are applicable and best fitted to answer the demands of the industry.

The part 1 of the ECDL revolves around introducing the learner into the general overview and concepts of the computing world and its facets – the hardware, the software, the network, the security, threats, and fraud activities in the computing world, impacts of the computers in the industry and the hazards it brings into the environment.  Moreover, the learner will be further exposed into the concepts involving files and directories and how to effectively manage these files.  By having this skill set and knowledge, the learner will have a better appreciation of the positive impacts that computers have on the society in general sense. 

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