What is PDF ITIL?

PDF is the shortcut acronym that refers to the Adobe Portable Document Format which is owned and was created by the Adobe Systems Company. It is an image-processing program that allows users to capture written or image data which are meant to be displayed through the PDF format. A PDF file is noted for not permitting the usual copy-paste function common to word-processing applications like MS Word. Rather, a user who wants a copy of the information displayed in Adobe PDF will need to print out the whole document.

The PDF system is widely accepted and used by many important organizations and institutions throughout the world, including government agencies, for guaranteeing secure delivery of electronic data in a format that meets industry standards. The currently accepted PDF standards are PDF/A, PDF/X, and PDF/E.

Adobe Systems is said to be in the process of securing permission to designate PDF 1.7 as a formal open-standard system to be labeled ISO 32000 when the company has finished collaborating with the ISO Technical Committee. The long-term objective of this collaboration is to guarantee the protection of PDF integrity and continuity. When completed, ISO 32000 will be the worldwide open standard to which existing and future PDF files must aspire to.

ITIL® is one set of documents that has been recorded for posterity as PDF file. Not only are PDF ITIL® files easier to read, they cannot be copy-pasted from the file to a user’s word-processing document so the ITIL® documents are more secure. That is a trademark of PDF files: they safeguard source file data so that documents appear exactly as they were originally encoded and presented. In fact, it is possible to create PDF ITIL® files that have a special password or digital sign limiting access to authorized users only. This helps preserve the integrity of the ITIL® system which is a copyrighted system.

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