What is People CMM?

Employees need attention as well.  Your employees are one of the most important assets in your organization.  Just like in the improvement of work process in the development of software, there is also a need to improve the process in managing and developing workforces.  A framework that guides organization towards this end is called the People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM).

The People CMM seeks to help organization to achieve the following:
1. Describe  the maturity of their workforce practices
2. Launch program  for continuous workforce development
3. Set priorities towards action improvement
4. Put together a workforce development where process improvement is present and
5. Create a culture of excellence.

The People CMM is a tool that aids in helping organziation in succesfully addressing people issues. Just like the CMM as developed by the SEI, the People CMM has 5 maturity levels.  The levels vary from the Initial Maturity Level (Level 1), where in level 1 the workforce practices are done inconsistently or ritualistically and often, it fails to achieve the purpose, to the Optimizing Maturity Level (Level 5), where everyone in the organization is committed and focused on continuously improving their capability and the organization’s workforce practices.

The success of People CMM depends entirely on how you managed your people.  With the People CMM in placed, organization enjoys the benefits of improve productivity and quality, cost reduction and time to market and customer satisfaction is increase.  To top it all, the workforce are happy that their capabilities are recognized,

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