What is Personal Balanced Scorecard

Personal Balanced Scorecard or (PBSC) is the latest approach to work performance and non-work performance established on self examination. This mind set change and thinking process is created to prepare individuals for action and for personal involvement of your work. This provides passion, energy and resolution to the individual. With Personal Balanced Scorecard it ‘s like having a mirror in front.

This will enable individuals to become self assured, and more positive. Aside from that, this will also help people think clearly and learn things quickly. This is a scorecard of a person ‘s non- work and work activities. This surrounds an individual ‘s various personal aspects such as performance measures, personal mission, critical success factors, vision, key roles, objectives, targets and improvement actions,

Personal Balanced Scorecard also has four perspectives that include: knowledge and learning, internal, external and financial. These four basic perspectives shape the essential part of a person ‘s personal ambition. Along with the personal critical success factors, creates a bridge among other aspects such as performance measures, objectives, targets and improvement actions.

Personal Balanced Scorecard helps in realizing what is best for each individual. This involves skills, personal habits and behaviours. These things are essential in having a good personal well being and in being a successful person. Personal ambition in every individual is essential in succeeding. Having vision, mission and key roles allow a person to express their values, ideals, personal intentions, identity and driving force. More importantly, it will provide people more insight about themselves.


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