What Is Required From a Customer Service Representative Call Center Applicant?

A customer service representative of a call center has certain duties and tasks that all applicants for the position should be aware of before they accept the job. All these duties and tasks require the customer service representative to present an acceptable image of the company to any customers and third parties that he or she would be in contact with in the line of duty.

The customer service representative will first of all be required to answer a telephone line assigned to her so that she can provide the necessary answers to customer queries. This employee will be selling a product as well, so she will need to be trained in the process of encoding customer orders for the product into the call center computerized order forms and uploading these.

In connection to the product, the customers may have certain in-depth queries such as warranties, product features, and price ranges for different versions of the product. The customer service representative would need to know all that, as well as do upsell for the services and products being sold. If she lacks the information that is being sought, then standard operating procedures require the customer service representative to transfer the call to the person who is in charge of the process.

Tackling the customer issues at hand will fall under the scope of duties of the customer service representative. She must then do the necessary data-gathering about each issue so that she can act as needed about it. If there are any queries that remain unresolved at the end of her shift, then the customer service representative should inform her superior so that the customer knows what the status of his case is.

Before handing over any unresolved cases to the next agent on the job, the customer service representative should finish all call logs and/or reports first.

Later, the customer service representative may be required to do data-gathering about billing problems, or misapplied payments.

If the employee notices any obvious trends in the calls that she receives (such as crank calls from someone who uses different names but has the same voice for every call), proper documentation becomes necessary so that the supervisor can do something tangible about such calls.

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