What is Seibel EIM?

A lot of Siebel Systems clients may have encountered at one point the term EIM when they started transacting with Siebel. However, a few of these people really understood or took the initiative to understand what EIM is all about. 

EIM or the Enterprise Integration Manager is a dynamic function of any of the Siebel Systems that allows for the dual direction of data that is being exchanged in between a Siebel-based database and a non-standard Siebel working database.  It is one of the major and critical components of the Seibel server that manages the transfer of data in between the Siebel server database and the other company data servers. 

The mechanism that allows for the data transfer to occur is all because of the element known as the Enterprise Integration Manager tables or EIM matrix.  This matrix performs the job of being the stage area between the Database application of Siebel and external databases.  The function of the EIM can be summarized in the following aspect:

a. Exporting of data from Siebel Database to another database or the other way around.
b. Importing data source from the Siebel database to another database or the other way around. 
c. Delete any unnecessary data from the Siebel database server.
d. Merge two databases either from the Siebel database servers or from other database servers.

The EIM feature is a very essential feature that any system must have.  Managing a database whether it is a small or a big database requires that these function of EIM be present. 

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