What is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The objective of Service  Oriented Architecture is a global net of pooling resources and
services, that are accessible and published for invocation on service bus. SOA adaptation
is very important in bringing flexibility in IT services and business promptness. These
advantages are delivered by not only presenting service architecture from a view in
technology and implementation of Web Service protocols, but needs to create a service
oriented setting that is actually founded on the major guidelines. These guidelines

1. SOA is not just one of the architecture services that are seen from a technology
concept. The policies frameworks and best practices through which guarantees
accurate services should be supplied and used.
2. The essential concept or idea is service. Web Services are collection of protocols
that services can be published, exposed and utilized in standard form.
3. The SOA is essential to implement the procedures that guarantee the consumer
and the provider.
Service Oriented Architecture is a development of distributed computing that is founded
on request design patterns and existing applications. In short, SOA is a fundamental
collection of services. These SOA services communicate and interconnect with each
other. This communication can include easy data passing and can also engage in services
working with a number of activities.
SOA is an architectural style that aims to achieve loose coupling with interacting and
interrelating software managers. SOA service is a component of work that made possible
by a service provider to accomplish the preferred result of customer.

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