What Is Service-Oriented Architecture


oriented architecture (SOA) refers to the use of loosely coupled software
systems and components that enable interaction and communication between IT
applications based on different technological platforms. People are generally
unaware about service-oriented architecture, because it is a relatively new
technological innovation. Although SOA is now being increasingly implemented in
all types of organizations, it is still a relatively little known technology, because
of its highly technical nature. The technicalities involved make it quite
difficult for normal people to understand what service-oriented architecture
is, and how it can be utilized towards benefiting a business organization. The
technicalities however should not dissuade people from understanding SOA,
because the basics are quite easy to understand. The technicalities can always
be set aside as long as an individual is not planning to make a career in
service-oriented architecture.


understand what service-oriented architecture is in detail, people can get help
from SOA books, journals, and magazines that are easily available in most
bookstores. They can also talk to firms that provide SOA related services, or
request free e-journals or e-books from them. On the other hand, individuals
who are planning to make a career in SOA, and need to learn the basics, can
enroll themselves for free online SOA courses that are easily available on many
Internet websites.



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