What is Siebel and how did it Begin?

Every corner of the computing and business industry knows and pays reverence to the great contributions of Siebel and its founders – Patricia House and Thomas Siebel.  Tracing the roots of Siebel, it used to be just a sales company that is engaged in designing and developing software applications for CRM.  However, because of the combined intelligence of the pioneering people of Siebel it became huge as it is right now.

When Siebel was established and created in the year 1993, it had about 350 to 400 clients that serve the pretty emerging targeted market directly involved in sales force and automation software.  Siebel then was offering products that were primarily electronic contacts. 

When Siebel was just starting, its head, Thomas, knew that great brains and minds are pre-requisites in order to achieve success in the business.  He then hired notable people in the field of software engineering and computer technology to coordinate and oversee the whole process of software development.  He hired only the best people in the industry to ensure that company visions are being carried out. 

With the right people at hand, he then fused his marketing skills obtained thru research in order to produce the output of his on ideas.  He then embraced with varied techniques and strategies to forma and come up with the best product. 

The key secret to Siebel’s success is best described with what Thomas Siebel explicitly said in his interview with Forbes Magazine “that creating a viable business market is through building robust and strong software products allowing businesses and organizations to employ information and communications technology to properly manage customer relations across all business media— field, telesales, telemarket, the Internet and all. 

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