What is the best Training to have for a MCDST?

The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician certification is a pretty tough examination to hurdle and pass.  Being it as such, there is a need for a rigid and extensive review or training in order to make sure that an examinee gets a relatively passing score.  However, the question lies on what sort of review materials are effective and essential.  Or if one would undergo any training, what sort of knowledge is needed to obtain from a training to make sure that an examinee gets positive results after the MCDST exam.

The best training to have to better prepare anyone prior to taking the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician certification is the one that will encompass the following areas:

a. The training must be able to equip the examinee profound ideas and concepts about a Windows operating system. Particularly, the examinee must be able to gain training in Windows XP platform.  The first core of the examination will basically encompass theories and concepts about an operating system.
b. The training must be able to expose the examinee on the various features and components of the Windows XP environment.  Key features such as how to properly install and uninstall the operating system are substantial and important. 
c. The training must also give the examinee with enough and adequate knowledge about some desktop applications that are widely used in the computing industry.  This is one good way of learning the application of software in the industry. 

Generally, when a training institution is able to inject all these concepts in the training module, then one is pretty much assured of his MCDST certificate after.

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