What is the ECDL Test?

The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is a certification that signifies the holder knowledge in the basic concepts of information technology and the ability to use personal computer and perform software applications.  The ECDL test consists of seven modules.  The modules include concepts of information technology, using the computer & managing files, word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation, and information & communication.  The first module which is on concepts is theoretical and the other six are practice based test that assess the candidate’s basic competencein the use of personal computer and ability to perform applications.

The ECDL test is given on test centres for a fee.  To pass the ECDL test and acquire the certificate is to have pass all the 7 modules.  The 7 modules can be taken per module or all at one time.  As soon as you register for the ECDL exam you are given a tag list for the 7 modules.  A 3 year period is given for you to pass all the 7 modules.  An EDCL module you have passed after 3 years will not count.
The ECDL test is offered  in 148 countries and in 38 languages.The ECDL test follows a ECDL Syllabus that enumerates the knowledge areas and knowledge items and skill sets and task items as covered by the ECDL standard.  The ECDL test is deployed and monitored by the ECDL Foiundation.  The foundation monitors the test based on ECDL syllabus.  The procedure in the conduct of test may vary in some countries but the foundation requires them to submit a well define test procedures with reliable testing process at the test centres. 

The ECDL test is a step towards allowing people regardless of background to be a part of the information society.

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