What is the Global Value of Project Management PMP Accreditation?

Training for Project Management PMP status has become more advantageous because the ISO
(International Organization for Standardization) organization has granted ISO/IEC 17024 status to the
PMP certification system run by the Project Management Institute. The ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation for
the PMP accreditation system by the Geneva, Switzerland-based ISO accreditation body is fairly unique
among accreditation systems. ISO helped make the Project Management Institute system more
acceptable to employers all over the world by raising the credibility of PMP accreditation.

In turn, the other Project Management accreditation systems of the Project Management Institute also
benefit because the Project Management Institute relies on the same development system, maintenance
system, and quality management system for each and every Project Management credential. So whether
you are starting out in Project Management by aiming for CAPM (or Certified Associate in Project
Management) status; PgMP (or Program Management Professional) status; OPM3 (Organizational
Project Management Maturity Model); or simply PMP status, you know that the ISO accreditation will
hold for all these anyway.

The Project Management Institute has been operating for over 38 years in the field of Project
Management certification – so aside from the current ISO certification, it has all those years of experience
in training people in Project Management concepts and skills. Even as a nonprofit, the Project
Management Institute is considered the world leader in expertise in Project Management at the moment.
So if you pursue PMP status, it shows that you are committed to professionalism in Project Management
and its real world practices.

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