What is the MCDST Passing Rate?

An examinee needs to pass the two core MCDST examinations in order to get certified by Microsoft.  Training and review centers advise their students to at least get an 80% MCDST passing mark on the practice exams to improve their chances of successfully overcoming the certification process.  Some say that when prospective examinees get ratings of 90% or above in two core practice tests, then they will surely pass the actual MCDST examinations in one sitting.

Passing the MCDST examination is a lot easier compared to more advanced courses and certification exams.  The MCDST exam is given to entry level IT professionals that are doing critical support and maintenance tasks for Windows based desktop environments.  Successfully passing the MCDST exams will give them an advantage over other entry level IT technicians and PC support personnel.  The certification is an indication that they have the necessary knowledge and deep grasp of basic desktop environment.  It also signifies their proficiency in troubleshooting Windows systems and applications problems.  Having these capabilities, they could lead teams of support personnel that are responsible for maintaining the desktop systems of companies or enterprises. 

It should be noted that training for the MCDST is an important factor to easily pass the certification exams.  There are two core exams that need to be taken by examinees.  The first is the Windows XP systems support module and the other one is the Windows XP Applications support module.  Having a deep knowledge of these two core modules could certainly help during the actual certification examinations. 

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