What is the PMP Certification issued by the Project Management Institute?

When we talk about PMP, we may be referring to the project management certification granted
exclusively by the Project Management Institute. This form of accreditation awards the recipient the status
of Project Management Professional. To receive the PMP certification, you need to take and pass an
exam first, which is based on the PMBOK Guide (also called A Guide to the Project Management Body
of Knowledge) which is produced by the Project Management Institute itself.

Actually, the Project Management Institute awards certification based on a three-step ladder. At the very
first rung would be the Certified Associate in Project Management (or CAPM) which project team
members are meant to aim for. The second rung in this ladder is the PMP Certification and is deemed the
standard by which all PM certifications should be measured against. After being granted true PMP
Certification, the individual is permitted to use the initials PMP after his name. The third rung (called the
Program Management Professional certification) is meant for Program Managers and was only offered to
the public this 2007.

To qualify for the PMP exam itself, the candidate can present his high school diploma, an ethical code of
conduct for professionals, and the accreditation exam itself (which should gauge the comprehensive
knowledge of the candidate in the field of Project Management.)

The PMP accreditation needs to be updated via continuing professional education and training; otherwise,
the PMP himself will forfeit his PMP accreditation.

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