What is the RMC PMP Exam Prep System?

The RMC Project Management company was founded by Rita Mulcahy and is a company that aims to
undertake professional development and Project Management training of students who enroll with them.
RMC Project Management has become an institution in the industry since it has trained many thousands
of project management professionals in its 15 years of existence.

The RMC PMP Exam Prep System tries to be different from other PMP exam training organizations in
that students will get a shorter training time under RMC Project Management company. The training you
get in RMC Project Management company emphasizes knowledge retention and training communication,
that can be applied in real world conditions as well.

Rita Mulcahy also developed a book on Project Management training herself – entitled the PMP Exam
Prep book. Other books produced by Rita Mulcahy were awarded the Professional Development
Product of the Year award by the Project Management Institute.

Training under the RMC Project Management company can take as little as half a day or as long as a
whole week (depending on how necessary it is.) You can even have training sessions customized if you

Another service from the RMC Project Management company would be the e-Learning courses available
via the Internet. This service is apt for those who may be on the go constantly or are in remote locations
accessible only through online means.

Project managers who are destined in over 40 countries have been able to utilize the RMC Project
Management company services to date.

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