What is the Role of the Auditor in IT Governance?

In today’s world where the business industry is ruled by Information Technology infrastructures, it is a must to have a clear definition of the role of each individual in the IT department. The success of each project lies in the member’s understanding of the roles that they play to accomplish a particular IT task. This is where IT governance comes in. IT governance, in general, is a means of maximizing the potential of an organization’s IT department by having a clear definition of the individual in charge of making IT-related decisions. IT governance also ensures the effective management and use of an organization’s IT personnel and resources.

An auditor is an example of an individual whose roles should be clearly defined in an IT governance setting. Here is a quick run through of an auditor’s role in IT governance. In general, the role of an auditor is to oversee the auditing of any type of IT-related project and this needs to be done in several stages: from the planning stages, then midway through the implementation process, up to the completion of the project and finally, after a year or so upon the completion of the project to test its integrity and stability. This just means that an auditor should be involved every step of the way for IT governance to be a success. All in all, an auditor in an IT governance business environment plays a big part in ensuring that all the components will fall into place so that an IT project can be planned efficiently and launched successfully to meet the business goals of an organization. 


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