What is the Value of a Network Management Suite?

By its name alone, you know that a Network Management Suite is a series of network management
programs that can be used for network administration within a corporate environment.

One type of network management program that falls under the category of a Network Management Suite
would be the network inventory program. This tool helps in the audit of software and hardware elements
of the network computers. With this type of program, the Network Administrator can see the network
inventory data everyday, create thoroughly factual reports, and then send assets everyday to an external
storage solution. An example of an external storage solution could be a website or an SQL database.

The second type of network management program is called a system management tool which is used for
steady monitoring of server performance and availability. Should problems like network errors crop up,
the software will contact the Network Administrator via his pager or cellphone so that these problems can
be nipped in the bud before they escalate. When problems are arrested before they get bigger, valuable
data on the network is preserved and the network itself stays secure so that expensive failures will be
headed off. In the event of server failure, the program will instantly inform the Network Administrator
before proceeding to creating a detailed log file.

The main rule of thumb with a Network Management Suite is that the main purpose of any of its programs
is to monitor the progress of the part it has jurisdiction over to assure business or organizational
operational continuity, and in the event of a threatening event, to help the Network Administrator find
solutions to minimize or eliminate risk to the network.

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