What is The Value of IT Project Management Training?

An IT Project Manager is the key person who will lead the team to accomplish the work at the designated time. He is the man behind the planning and execution of any project. He can envision how the whole project should be executed from its start to its completion and sees to it that everything is done according to the master plan. There are many fields in production, service industries, and design which may need the services of a project manager, but the industries which most widely need such expertise are the construction industry, architectural industry and software development industry. An IT professional who wishes to pursue a career in Project Management may undergo appropriate training for this, and even acquire certifications. IT project management training is available in many countries such as Canada, Australia, U.K., United States and other Asian countries as well.

IT project management training is open to any IT professional who wishes to obtain professional certification. This training may lead to one acquiring the Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications, and perhaps even the more advanced Program Management Professional (PgMP). The training course topics include: project teams, project management standards, managing multiple projects, PMP certification preparation, scheduling, estimating and many more (depending on the school curriculum.) IT project management training promises to enhance the skill of a project manager to allow him to perform multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is a skill necessary for planning, monitoring, initiating, and completion of project, in whatever industry you practice in.

The basic requirement to become an IT project management trainee is at least five years of work experience in a position of responsibility (as defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge [PMBO.]) Training schools and institutions are scattered all over the world. There are now IT project managers who are certificate holders, and employed in more than 160 countries. IT project management training is indispensable for every IT professional who wishes to pursue career enhancement and advancement.

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