What is this Virtualization Technology?

Essentially, when one talks about virtualization, it refers to the ability of the technology to let one computer system perform the task or the jobs of many other computers thru sharing across all the computer systems the resources that the mother system has.  Virtualization is a proven efficient software milestone that allows the metamorphosis of the computing industry into what it is right now – inventive, powerful, robust, and reliable. 

So, how does virtualization work then?  Virtualization works by transforming your hardware to work dynamically included in the parameter is to work as if it is a software program.

In the beginning, the term virtualization was exclusively used and implemented under the IBM Mainframe environment.  It was used by IBM to perform a logical partitioning an IBM machine into several virtual IBM virtual Machines.  This was done for the sole reason of allowing the IBM machine to perform multiple tasks thru its virtual machines.  Thru this, running of many applications will no longer be impossible; having more than operating system running in a single computer system is essentially possible all at the same time. 

The idea of virtualization was intelligently conceived to leverage on the expensive cost of the computer system.  Thru virtualization, there is a little danger of damaging or destroying a system resource such as the operating system, the BIOS, the devices when executed all at once.  The virtualization is one way of generating more uses to your resources making the utility value highly maximized in all aspects. This in turn create less expenses for the company.   

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