What is WSUS 3.0 Web?

WSUS 3.0 is short for Microsoft Windows Server Update Services. It is considered to be a significant member of the software update management of Microsoft. WSUS 3.0 is an improvement of the previous versions and offers various improvements, functionality and scalability. The said improvements are said to be user friendly for both new and experienced WSUS administrators.

What are its highlights?

WSUS 3.0 Web offers some new features and enhancements for those who are using Microsoft Windows Small Business Server environments.

It is also useful not just in big companies but with small companies as well. WSUS 3.0 Web is available as commercial products for those companies that can afford a software distribution tool. However, there is also a free tool that is popular with IT shops and small companies.

It is good for companies with small infrastructure and also for big companies with as much as 20,000 users and numerous plants around the world. All the company needs is to have Windows Server 2003, Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4.

What are its disadvantages?

WSUS 3.0 Web has its downside. It patches only Microsoft platforms and unfortunately not even 100% of them. Third-party patch managers are usually supported by Unix and Linux. Furthermore, this does not help uninstalls since this process is done through Systems Management Server.

Other users have said that WSUS 3.0 Web is time-consuming and burdensome. This is because a user who has several domains has to exit first before using the console interface.

Although there are several downsides to WSUS 3.0 Web, businesses that have been using Microsoft environments would certainly appreciate the various improvements made.

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