What ISO 9000 Auditing Is About

The ISO 9000 certification has proved very important for some companies. Because of the certification, they were able to satisfy customer requirements and they were able to market their company and their product quite well too. They were also able to avoid waste and promote efficiency within the company. In effect, they were not only able to give customer satisfaction but they were able to improve their internal processes as well and made their company more profitable. Other companies have seen these benefits, and so they also would like to follow suit.

This is where ISO 9000 auditing comes in. But before that, the company has to check each and every requirement of ISO 9000. Then the company must adapt and issue company goals and procedures. These guidelines should be duly documented and disseminated to the whole company. Each of the staff’s roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined so they would clearly be guided of their duties. Implementation then should take place. After that internal audit should be done to make sure that procedures are properly implemented and the goals and the ISO 9000 requirements are being met.

If the company wants to obtain the ISO 9000 certification, it would need to get an external auditor to assess the company and its implementation. This auditor would also be the one to certify them if they satisfy the ISO 9000 requirements.

Things don’t just end with the certification. The company would have to do a regular internal audit to check if things are running as they should as prescribed by company manuals. And according to the 2000 standards, auditors must also provide some recommendations as to how procedures can be improved so as to continuously improve company efficiency and give customer satisfaction.

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