What it takes to be a Computer Operator Support Analyst Help

First level entry is where the action first starts in a support
service. It is the level where customers raised their questions
and problems either via phone or email.  It is also at this level
where most customers do expect that solutions to their
problems will be taken care of immediately and preferably
right after they hang up the call.

A computer operator support analyst help desk takes care
of the diagnostic procedures.  The following are some of the
duties that a computer operator support analyst help desk do:

1.  Answer phone calls from users having computer-related
     problems or need assistance in the use of a software
     application e.g. a spreadsheet, graphic, database,
     e-mail or word processing application.
2.  Answer questions based on their knowledge in
     computer operations.
3.  Try to seek questions to users to be able to diagnose
     the problem and find possible solutions and apply
     diagnostic procedures.
4.  Consult other computer experts to further study
     the problem and develop solutions.
5.  Capable of explaining errors to programmers and
     recommend changes to program.
6.  To keep abreast with development and update
     their knowledge and skills through continuous
     communication with computer experts and reading
     trade magazines, manuals and attendance to trainings
     and seminars.

While others may look at first level entry support as
not as complex as the other levels, the personnel
assigned to this level support service should be well
trained and professionally mannered.  They are the
organization’s front liners in providing service to your
customers.  A computer operator support analyst help
desk does not only require being knowledgeable in
computer applications but they should be trained as
well in handling people.


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