What it Takes to Be a Great Software Engineer

When it comes to information technology, it really pays to have very good background of software engineering. This is because such a job will require the person to really exert a lot of effort to be able to demonstrate his or her ability in software engineering. And one particular component of software engineering would be the testing phase. Testing is extremely important in software engineering because it is only through testing that you are able to check out if your design has any flaws or kinks in it. What then are the components of a solid testing in computer software which should be in the mind of every software engineer?

For one thing, testing should always have a good feedback sheet design wherein all items that are tested are clearly outlined for those who are going to be involved in the testing phase. If you are a software engineer it is most likely that you received a piece of paper that has all the nitty gritty details which you should pay attention to. Here, you need to be able to evaluate every single item for purposes of passing the software. Aside from this, testing also involves the opinion of others – and by others, we mean people who are actually going to use the product itself or the actual test market. This is important because you want to know if the market for such a product will be satisfied by it. When you take these things in consideration, that is when you will be able to have acted like a good software engineer.

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