What it takes to have a bad customer service

Customer service is providing assistance to customers with regard to their concerns and problems.  A satisfied customer is one who would hangs up the phone smiling after calling a customer service center.  A dissatisfied customer is one who unstoppingly says bad things of how bad service is in a company.  The opposite of good customer service is bad customer service.  A bad customer service is wherein there is no service at all provided.  Where a service center phones keeps on ringing and no one answers.  It is when the customer is hold up waiting till a next customer service representative is available.   Such kind of customer service is indifferent, as a bad customer service treats its customers as if they do not exist. 

A bad customer service is one who do not mind the needs of customers and insist on what was written without giving due consideration to customers concern.    A bad customer service is one who would say NO to customers and let it’s customers feel that there is no solution to their concerns.

A bad customer service can ruin your business.  If you do not keep track of how your customer service center conduct business to your customers, do not be surprise that one day you will wake up losing all your customers and your competitor smiling at you.  Do not send your customers away.  Be mindful of the people you hired in your customer service.  Train your employees and boost their morale.

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