What Jobs Await CCNP Exam Passers

Gaining a Cisco certification is definitely a plus for job hunters out there. This does not only give an individual better chances of landing on a high-paying job, but is more of a requirement that most companies are looking for in a comprehensive resume. This is because a Cisco certification only proves one s competence when it comes to providing networking solutions to an enterprise organization. Hiring officials just can not afford to settle for anything less as more and more IT professionals are getting into the trend of obtaining Cisco certifications.
A very popular professional certification is Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). So what are the possible jobs await CCNP certified individuals? The three most likely job positions that fit the qualifications of a CCNP are the following:

(a) Network Administrator,
(b) Network Engineer and
(c) Systems Engineer.

A Network Administrator is one who manages an organization s PCs and LAN network. Job responsibilities include installation, configuration and maintenance of PCs, networking operating systems and related equipment, as well as performing corrective measures on existing networking systems.

Designing and managing of an organization s computer network give one the title of Network Engineer. A Network Engineer has almost the same job as the Network Administrator. It is just that the first one is also involved in business analysis to meet an organization s IT needs.

On the other hand, a Systems Engineer is an IT professional who can do just about everything. He or she can be a Network Engineer, a Web Designer and a Software Engineer all at the same time. A highly accomplished Systems Engineer can manage a development cycle of a software, hardware or web application. An advocate of lifelong learning, the skills set of a Systems Engineer is definitely unprecedented. 

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