What makes a change management team

The responsibility of managing change should be
management concern and not employees.  It is the
employee’s responsibility to do their best effort to
cope with the change.  Management has the
responsibility of explaining to its employees why change
 is being made.  Management has the responsibility to
facilitate and enable change.  In view of these, management
should be able to come up with a management team to
handle the change to make it work.  Technical expertise is
also a vital factor in the selection of a change management
team.  The change management team is expected to have
a step back attitude and not to be judgmental.  The team
is also expected to help people learn to understand reasons,
aims, and ways of positively interacting with employees’
own situations and capabilities.

As business organization imposes new things there will
always be difficulties encountered on people.  It is best
that people at work should participate, get involved and
have an open, early, full communication at the start.  One
way of achieving a collective understanding of the change
management, approaches, approaches, policies, methods,
systems, ideas, is through the conduct of workshops. 
The change management team should conduct staff
survey so as to address problems and repair them
quickly.  A survey comment that was anonymously
written should be published as well as the findings. 
The change management team should do its best to
make change achievable.  The success in change
management depends on how well the team performs. 
For your people to trust the change within the
organization, the change management team
should likewise have the credibility and integrity
to be trusted upon.

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