What Makes a Great Leader?

March 3, 2015 eSkill and Chequed.com Partner on Complete Candidate Assessment Technology to Help Companies Make Better Hiring Decisions

…When hiring for upper management positions, do leaders look for proven entrepreneurial spirit, management ability, a track record of growing companies or all of the above? Surely, it depends on the job at hand, but what are some of the most coveted qualities to have and how do you ensure you are hiring the right people who have these traits to get the job done?

…“I like to see a person who is outgoing, dedicated and takes pride in what they do,” he says.

…For example, an executive assistant may type 100 words per minute (hard skill), but is inflexible and does not like to interact with people (soft skills). Or, an accountant may possess a host of certifications (hard skill) but has no communication skills (soft skills) when it comes to reporting those numbers.   The people who have a good mix of soft and hard skills are the one who will most likely excel at their jobs and in the overall company.

So, what do you look for in your leaders and how do you ensure that they have it?

…Recruiting with a Human Voice Webinar Series: Session 2 – How to Humanize Your Recruiting Process and Win the Talent Wars

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