What s In Store for You In CCIE Lab Rentals

Lab rentals are the way to go in Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, especially when you need to study for your lab exam or if you want to practice it outside of your Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert workplace. Most lab rental units are fully prewired and are ready to use. Many online rack rental services have all the equipment you might ever need to do the different tasks such as ccbootcamp, NMC, IPexpert, DOiT, fatkid, INternetwork Expert and so much more.

Some lab rental services even have all in one and homegrown units that will truly help you prepare for the first day of your Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert practical examination. Their rack rental rates are priced competitively and are usually bundled with ultra flexible time slots that will allow you to meet your needs. Some budget bundles include high-end routers that have 128MB Ram as well as a 48MB Flash in order to support the latest IOS of 12.4. Most rental services will also recommend their racks for working lab duties in Internetwork Expert and IPexpert.

If you are looking for custom racks with a home grown feel, these customizable scenarios are just for you. A quick look into the racks will find you staring at fourteen types of routers and switches, all with 12.4 IOS, a relay switch with twelve port frames, dozens of DCE and DTE high speed connections and dual switches for Cisco Catalyst 3560. You can even ask for a special request LS1010 ATM switch and a corresponding ATM port if you wish!

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