What Should a Good CISSP Study Guide Contain?

If you are planning to use any CISSP study guide to prepare for the CISSP accreditation exam, you should choose one that adopts a conceptual and performance-based approach to learning  meaning, it should give you a solid grounding in accepted concepts and best practices that are covered by standard CISSP study materials.

Although the CISSP exam providers require that you have a certain amount of experience in at least one domain of knowledge in the whole CISSP Common Body of Knowledge, to pass the exam you must have been able to cover the entire Common Body of Knowledge during the three to six months experts recommend you set aside simply for exam preparation. Six months is an entire college semester so you know that you need a good CISSP Study Guide to be able to use your time well.

Your CISSP Study Guide should tell you that every one of the ten domains of the Common Body of Knowledge deals with its own respective set of subject matter, tools, techniques and technologies. However, if you are smart enough, you will realize that all the ten domains are interconnected despite having their own knowledge jurisdiction. This is key to understanding how the Common Body of Knowledge parts work together to make a coherent and usable whole.

The aim of the CISSP exam is to make you into a professional IT personnel dealing mainly with information systems security. Focus on getting knowledge towards this goal so that you do not wind up studying everything and anything about IT. For one thing, you save on time, energy and resources by staying focused. For another, you will literally go crazy if you attempt to be a jack-of-all-trades in the IT industry. Be realistic at this stage of your career and you will go further than  you realize.

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