What Should I Expect from CISSP Workshops?

If you attend a CISSP workshop, does that mean you need not pursue studying for the CISSP accreditation exam with materials like modules, CD ROMs, and online resources anymore? Not necessarily.

With a CISSP workshop, it pretty much has the limitation of putting everyone through the same learning pace at one go. Just like in classroom settings, the professor or instructor may be able to reach out to a few attentive students who are very quick on the uptake  while the rest of the class stare glassy-eyed at the blackboard, whiteboard or monitor wondering if this is really worth their time because they simply cannot comprehend the content. So if anyone is a bit slow with regards to CISSP topics, they would be at a disadvantage.

To make the most out of a CISSP workshop experience, it is always advisable to prepare in advance by reading CISSP materials if you can get them. Self-study will help you complement any learning advances you make during the CISSP workshops themselves. The workshop is usually offered to IT people who are responsible for the information assets and systems themselves. So expect to be accompanied by IS Auditors, System Administrators, Network Engineers, Network Specialists, Security Specialists, Security Architects, Security Consultants, Information Security Managers, IT Managers, and people considered as either the CIO/CISO/CTO of their organization.

Attending a CISSP Workshop offers a variety of positive advantages to IT personnel. For one, you are not considered a specialist  rather, CISSP workshops allow you to focus on solutions orientation instead (which is founded on a more all-encompassing comprehension of what the Core Body of Knowledge (CBK) is all about and how it applies to CISSPs.) Second, you gain more integrity in your occupation because you are presently or have undergone formal accreditation by the ISC2.

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