What Should I Know About the UPS Network Management Card?

The UPS Network Management Card is a product from the APC which allows for use of a dedicated IP
address to link the UPS straight to the network. This means that a proxy system (like a computer server)
will no longer be required. Thus, the UPS Network Management Card allows for individual UPS systems
to be managed independently of each other.

One advantage with use of the UPS Network Management Card is that when equipment hangs, it can be
rebooted. This is due to the high end technology embedded in the UPS Network Management Card
which is supposed to be very reliable.

A Network Manager or Network Administrator can manage the individual UPS through systems like
SSL and SSH, SNMP, Telnet, or through a web browser. There are notification features that come with
this UPS Network Management Card that allow you to be alerted when problems crop up. When a
prolonged power outage should occur, the protected-server-type software called PowerChute Network
Shutdown will facilitate smooth and automated shutdown for you.

The mass configuration wizard permits set up time and configuration time to be lessened due to the file
distribution capacity of the UPS Network Management Card. Being browser accessible, the Network
Administrator can bypass installation of specific software and just use a web browser to examine the
network at any point in the system. You can even reboot any equipment from a remote location so that
technicians do not have to be deployed on foot.

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