What Software Configuration Management Can Do To Your Company

Configuration management (CM) is a great way to manage changes in features, hardware, software, documentations and other automated system information in the process of developing the system. As part of CM, the tool Software Configuration Management is created to manage and control the changes by recognizing the labor products that are expected to change, creating relationships with them and managing the changes that are imposed. Software Configuration Managements main responsibility is to mange, organize and control a software development project.

The Software Configuration management answers the question How can we produce this? Answering this question implies not to literally reproduce it identically but through added and controlled changes. Typically, CM is actually concentrated on controlled design of comparatively simple products. Today, people who implement Software Configuration Management encounter the challenge of working with minor increments.

Basically, these are some of the goals of Software Configuration Management:

1. Configuration Identification- you should identify the different codes you are dealing and working with. 2. Status accounting  this will enable you to record and report the current status of the components. 3. Configuration Control- it manages the changes and the release of the products. 4. Review-this guarantees the consistency and the totality between the components. 5. Process management- this ensures the observance to the companys development process. 6. Build Management- it manages and handles the tools and the various processes used for builds. 7. Environment Management- organizes and coordinates the software and hardware that host your system. 8. Detect tracking- this ensures that whatever flaw or defects can be traced back to the source.

When you construct computer software, various changes occur. When this takes place you have to find ways to manage and control it efficiently. With the help of Software Configuration Management you will be able to define instruments in managing various versions of work products and you can also audit and state the changes that took place.


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