What Solutions Are Available To Assist in Network Asset Management Performance?

Many enterprises that operate globally need a more extensive collection and updating method for asset
information so that these companies can have concise and accurate IT inventory assessments. Network
asset management is now possible because CITTIO Solutions developed the CITTIO Watchtower.
Watchtower relies on an automatic system for collection of information as part of its discovery process,
reports discovered asset nodes and the corresponding assets information to nodes. The asset information
reported by the Watchtower can be updated manually to include contact, warranty, and/or purchase
information. Several client companies rely on CITTIO Watchtower because of its easy and automated
processing system. Furthermore, Watchtower delivers enterprise-class monitoring for complex networked
companies, fast and distributed systems and a wide variety of network nodes/devices.

There are four highlighted attributes of the CITTIO Watchtower such as Visualization (Executive
Dashboards), Automation, a Strong Operational Model and Enterprise-Class Features. The Watchtower
Visualization provides comprehensive topological and geographic mapping of peripheral devices as well
as automated graphing of actual statistical performance and SLA dashboards.  The Watchtower
Automation stack enables the entire team to focus on resolving issues to tot up value rather than to
heavily configure the monitoring solution. Watchtower automation eradicates the long execution periods
and annoyance with maintenance that marks the monitoring of periphery devices somewhat. The
Watchtower Strong Operational Model enables integration of an advanced event alert system and alarms,
with how human operations happen in the real world. This helps in realizing how important it is to
incorporate the monitoring technology into daily processes, as well as monitoring technology which is
vital to successful operations. The Watchtower enterprise-class features enables the NSM platform to
scale numerous nodes to handle complex networks, wide varieties of network devices, and distributed
systems. This includes asset management, customizable purpose pollers, highly configurable monitoring
console, automatic thresholds and Citrix support.

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