What Support does Siebel Provide?

There are solutions providers and software manufacturers that offer unlimited technical support to its clients.  There some are other companies that give limited or categorized support to its clients based on the purchased item from them.  But with Siebel Systems, when you purchase any of its products or services, the support that it renders to a medium-class buyer and to its large-scale clients does not vary in any degree or form. 

The support services that Siebel Systems to its clients is the most comprehensive and wide-ranged.  A client has the option to choose from what sort of support he or she may want to have.  Below are some of the support services that a client may have:

a) A client may opt to have a support thru its knowledge-based articles which can be obtained from the support site.  The articles that the client may browse on the site are very basic and fundamental making it easier for them to understand what was written on it.
b) A client may have the option to take support from Siebel Systems on its technical support gateway.  This works similarly like a call center where an agent is readily available to give assistance on your technical issues or the otherwise.
c) A client may opt to have his support thru interactive voice response or the IVR.  This is where the client personally talks to any Siebel agent and discuss the client’s issue.
d) A client may opt to have his support by sending an e-mail to the support group.  The e-mail may take a while before issues can be resolved but this is an inexpensive yet effective support mechanism that one can choose.

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