What To Expect In CompTIA A+ Exams

CompTIA A+ exams are designed to establish the software and hardware skills and knowledge of computer technicians. This is regarded as the entry level exam that is needed by those individuals who wanted to shift careers in IT. The CompTIA A+ exams will cost you about $ 152 each. But if you are a corporate member, you have a discounted fee of $ 98. So if you are working in a company, check if your organization is one of corporate members of CompTIA. To purchase exam vouchers of Prometric and VUE you can visit the CompTIA store so you can get more discounts.

The CompTIA A+ exams can be registered at any Thompson Prometric center and Pearson VUE. This test has to be finished with in 90 minutes completing all 80 exam questions per test. This is a computer based test. This certification does not expire but it is suggested that you upgrade your skills by getting the latest version. Your exam report will be immediately delivered after the test.

In  CompTIA A+ exams, expect to see multiple choice with single answer questions. You are requested to choose one answer from various choices by simply clicking a button. There are also multiple choice with multiple answer questions. Here you are required to choose several options, with a given number of options to be selected. And lastly there are fill in the blank questions that will ask you to complete the sentence. To successfully pass the CompTIA A+ exams, make sure that you are prepared, you can take advantage of study guides and practice tests to aid you in getting your certification.

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